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January 2019

Life is   an unexpected stream of absurdities, so we better adapt all the time. I mean, 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought that I'd live in Portland some day.   I didn't even know where you could point Portland on a map!   (Which probably says more about my geographical knowledge than about Portland, sorry folks).   And now I'm here, doing my groceries, playing in local clubs, riding my bike through the puddles (feeling pretty Dutch here) and speaking and thinking with a Dutch/American accent day and night.   In general I'm quite happy, except when I get a cold like last week, with migraines so bad, that wearing even the most lightweight glasses feels as if a knife thrower escaped a punk circus and is now aiming right between your eyes.   I also could only safely watch my computer screen without spontaneously starting to cry if it was completely turned black.  
The cat has never been petted as much as the last couple of days though.

But I'm back! This morning I accidentally took a shower with my glasses on, so apparently they don't hurt me anymore, my hearing doesn't sound as if we're 3 miles under water and I can breathe again without getting stuck in too many coughing fits.
And, as always when you have been sick, it seems like a miracle that bodies are actually capable of doing amazing things like talking and looking around without too much effort.
Then you realize that we should just enjoy that a little more, being just kind of healthy...
till you get used to it again and take it stupidly for granted. Ach... der Mensch.

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December 2018

Whoops! Almost a year went by without writing any news…   the thing is, when you’re busy doing things, there’s not much time left to write about what you’re doing.   You just keep on doing.   And hopefully you enjoy being busy doing.   So that’s what happened.   I did many many concerts, flew several times to Europe to play in music venues, living rooms, big tops, street corners, bistros, very often to accompany my husband ‘The Amazing Bubble Man’, but not only, because I also like to say things on my own, so I did solo gigs in The Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, New York, but mostly in Portland because that’s where my house is and that’s where the cat lives.  
I also took a long clown workshop this summer in Boulder and scared the hell out of myself (but I’m not giving up yet!), I wrote a couple of new songs, some stories, I still doodle weird creatures in my drawing book every time I feel the urge to stare at my phone for no reason… and then... there’s those moments that I’m actually not hiking up and down a mountain or improvising a song or drinking tea with a friend or clipping my finger nails.   Silent moments without doing anything at all.   And these moments are so lovely, that I don’t write about them either.

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January 2018

I've started recording again!    
It's the eternal back and forwards between 'I can't wait this to be done' when you're in the middle of a project, and 'I can't wait to start again'.   My wonderful musicians Tom Goicoechea (drums) and Bill Athens (bass) have laid the basic tracks to three new songs and the only thing I can say for now is that I'm incredibly proud to have such fantastic groove guys at my side.      

Since we can't always play together (sometimes venues don't allow drums, or sometimes simply not everybody can make it to the gig), I also started playing with violin magician Michelle Alany. It's great to hear how the songs can sound so different, and I must confess that it feels gooooood to have some strong authentic woman power in your sidecar!

Photo by Karney Hatch

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Accordion Babes Pin Up Calendar + CD 2018 SOLD OUT

No doubt about it, 2018 is a fact now.   I hope that the new Accordion Babes Pin Up calendar will bring you all the best of good luck in this always surprising ride that a year can be.  

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March 2017 -   EP Release!

Going back in time...

Remember those CDs?   Those flat objects containing music?   That often come in a sleeve with a picture of the band or a drawing or some other visual extravaganza, sometimes accompanied by a little booklet with lyrics and more pictures and stuff that you'll probably never read but it's cool that it's there anyway?   Those shiny discs that were supposed to last forever?   Which turned out to be a big lie right after you sold all your vinyls for less than nothing?  

But most of the time they ended up on a big pile in the glove compartment of your car, or disappeared inside the wrong CD cover before you really had the chance to scratch them anyway...     And if you found them back recently, you made mobiles out of them or use them as coasters because nowadays they don't sell cars with CD readers anymore.

Well, guess what: some artists still make those objects.   And they're still called CDs or EPs, according to the amount of music on it.

And I happen to be one of those artists.   Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen!   I have a new EP!  
And I'm soooo PROUD!!  

I traveled all over the planet to have some of my musician friends and family play different tracks for it.   Then I had my favorite sound magician Oz Fritz mix all them songs together at Prairie Sun studio, I made some drawings for the cover and inside the booklet you can read the lyrics of my songs - so now you'll know what I've been singing all that time with that accent of mine.  

A new EP is born.  
I named it 'Flop'.

Now, a happy event deserves a little party, so I booked an evening at the lovely Fremont Theater in NE Portland and invited lots of guests to share the stage with me.
I hope that you can make it!

Here's the info:

EP 'Flop' Release:  

Band: Jetty Swart - accordion, vocals, flute, loops  
Tom Goicoechea - Drums
Bill Athens - Bass
Guest musicians:
Ralph Carney - Saxophones
Will Dudley - Kora

With a guest performance of The Amazing Bubble Man!

OPENING ACT: Professor Gall!

WHEN:   Thursday March 16 2017 at 8pm
2393 NE Fremont, Suite C, Portland OR 97212  


See you there!!

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Et hop! A live video...  

Recorded in Montpellier, France. How lucky I am to have met sousaphonist Laurent Monju and beat boxer Mic Lee there.

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January 2017 - New Video!

Bwuuuuck!   We made a brand new video at home, starring a chicken called Vibrato.   Coz' those middle aged chicken should be listened to more often.   Buck buck.

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December 2016 - New Songs for a New EP!

True, it's about time...   I've been working on these recordings for a couple of years now.   On and off, in between tours and travels, with the help of my excellent musician friends and family (my brother Martijn rocks the sousaphone, for example!).   I've recorded tracks in Montpellier, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Portland and now it's finally coming together:   6 new songs have been mixed by the brilliant sound engineer Oz Fritz at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati (California), the very home town of the Cotati's Accordion Festival.  

And woooooooh!   I'm proud!   Happy!   Inspired!   Now the whole world should stop turning and LISTEN TO THIS!   Finito, talks about politics.   Basta, worries about climate change.   Stop staring at your phones and LISTEN TO THIS!  

Oh.   Wait.   I first have to make these little babies presentable to the outside world...   Mastering.   Uh Oh.   Artwork.   Ay Ay ay.   Radios.   Ooo La La.   That will take some time.   But!   There's a delivery date and place:   February 18 at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda, CA.   Keep in touch, there's more to come.

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November 2016 -   With The Amazing Bubbleman in China

The Amazing Bubble Show tours the world, me included!   We just spent 3 weeks of tasting excellent food, suffering poor communication and going through awkward situations each day, in each place.   We almost learned to let go of our usual expectations (doesn't that sound zen?), because they're absolutely useless in this strange country and had many laughter attacks when things happened once more in a way we'd never thought would be possible.

But: they want us back!      

I guess I'll have to improve my Chinese...   Ni Hao is not enough.

* * * * *

August 2016 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Yeee-haaa!   We're in the midst of the heat of the heart of the soul of the boom of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival....   In the morning I play music for the Amazing Bubble Man.   We've only had cracking full houses so far!   Kids and parents are delighted and we secretly are, too.  

And I just started the run with my own afternoon show, 'Sexy Beasts'.   Rooooooaaaarghhhhhh!!   Then, if I still having some energy left, I go play in cabarets here and there.   That accordion's definitely shaking all over the festival this month!!

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June 2016 - Salt Lake City murmurs

The Utah Arts Festival is over...  

I performed 4 times this weekend, on 2 different stages.   The organizer had the brilliant idea to hook me up with 2 wonderful musicians (Harold Carr and Flavia Cervino-Wood on stand up bass and violin) for 3 songs out of my set.   Such a blast to share the stage with them!   Also, it was wonderful to see how more and more people would come to each show.   And to end the last show with a standing ovation, well, that makes a Dutchie very happy!

Utah Arts Festival

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April 2016

I'm doing shows with "The Amazing Bubble Man".
I always like to be in London... it was the first foreign city where I lived for about 4 months. I was 20 and didn't even play accordion yet (can you imagine??? A life without an accordion???).  
Instead, I had all kind of little jobs, cleaning newsagent's shops, live modeling at an obscure art school in East London, being a waitress in a tea house somewhere in King Street, with friends we squatted a flat in Ladbroke Grove's 'Tower of Terror', we had no money but we loved drawing and painting, which doesn't cost much, and drinks were free at art openings in the galleries on Portobello Road.  
I guess I'm talking about things you do when you're 20. But without getting too nostalgic, it's true! A lot of things have changed since then, but London's still in my heart.

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December 2015 .... Losing Myself in the living room!

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March 2015

How lovely it is, to be back in good ol' Franceland!   I performed a couple of times near Montpellier (and found out that I'm not completely forgotten there yet, ooooofff), but also discovered new places on the North coast of Brittany (why hadn't I seen those stunningly beautiful landscapes during all those years that I actually use to live in France?).

Good news: we're already talking about coming back in September.   So I won't completely forget my French for a little while.

In April, I'll be joining my husband, the Amazing Bubble Man, for a big tour in the UK.

I'll be making music, as bubbly as possible.   No language needed for that show, it's all about improvisation, sounds and ambiance.   The weirder, the better.

And then in May: Amsterdam!   I'm very excited to be making more bubble music at the Nemo Science Center.   It will be a premiere for us in Flat Land, and I sure hope to convince the Dutchies to have us back on a more regular basis in the future.   Bubbleluya!!

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November 2014

Le nouveau calendrier est arrivé !!

And guess who's the cover girl this year... Hey, hey, it's Jet Jet! You can order one HERE


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August - Bay Area

There will be a lot going on... I'll be back at the Cotati Festival! Woo! The programmer told me that artists normally don't play two years after each other, but the audience wants me back. That makes a Dutchie happy! Plus, this time I'll be accompanied by Charles Moselle. A premiere! He's a master in beat boxing, playing keyboards, saxophone, all kind of flutes... And I'm not even mentioning his hula hoop skills. His mom must have injected some magic talent elixir in his genes. And I'm proudly taking advantage of his existence...  

Right after that, the freshly reopened Aubergine in Sebastopol will host me and some other squeezebox addicts for the Accordion Fest After Party.

I'm also looking forward to sharing the stage with some other great women at Wine, Women and Song at one of my favorite East Bay stages, Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.

And did I tell you about the Hubba Hubba Review in Oakland and Little Minsky's in San Francisco?

And... and... and...  

Just check out my tour dates, put your old skin and bones in a bag and bring us the whole thing!


* * * * *

April -   Seattle, Portland, Bay Area

Quite some time has passed by... one thing is for sure, music is never boring! From classy theaters to lousy booze holes, from dusty old folks homes to hippy farmers markets, from hysterical kid matinees to shows in prisons, restaurants, ultra chic private parties or trash burlesque reviews, in different countries and languages, you gotta stand steady on your feet to not lose yourself too much.

This month, I'm looking forward to playing at the Moisture Festival in Seattle for the first time. April 9, show starts at 7:30PM, everybody is on for 7 minutes, so don't miss it! But there'll be other chances to catch me - Just check out my Tour Page.

And look! Last week, a small boy put a little treasure in my tip jar...


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December - Accordion Babes Pin Up Calendar

It's that time of the year... you can order the calendar for 2014, which presents the luscious, heightened essences of 12 accordionist women and their squeezeboxes here

Dec 7, The Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda invites Amber Lee Baker, Tara Linda, Doodles la Rue and me for another night of squeezebox madness! More info


* * * * *

September - New songs!

It took some time... and some travels. Sounds have been recorded at the Monkey Studio in Amsterdam, at Pilou's in Montpellier, at Mike's in Portland, Coast Recordings in San Francisco, and the whole thing has been mixed together at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati by Oz Fritz. Five songs, that's half an a record (mmm... that word just gives me a very warm nostalgic feeling)!

You can listen to three of them on the music page, soon they'll be downloadable.  

I like them. Do you like them too?

* * * * *

August -   California, Scotland, France

Time flies! And I do too... soon I'll be flying back to Europe again. First a stop at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where I'll do the music for The Amazing Bubbleman at the Music Hall, then heading south of France for some shows with Comprend qui peut and with my good old self.  

But before that, there is time for more concerts in California: Concord, Hayward, Bolinas, Cotati, check out my tour schedule. You can also hear me squeezing at some farmers markets here and there... And above all: new sounds are coming soon! Five songs have been recorded and are waiting for a delicate mix at the Sun Prairie Studio in Cotati. Bang!

July - Oregon Country Fair

After a lovely welcome in Sta Monica at the Annenberg Beachhouse (best quote from the audience: That sparrow can rap!), I'm getting ready for a little trip direction Oregon. I'll be performing Wed 10 at Persimmons in Redway, then drive more up north to tickle all my senses loaded with new impressions at the Oregon Country Fair! Every day I'll do a show on Stage Left, check out times and details at

April 25 - Back in Oakland!

Just got back home to spend spring & summer in California. Already on the program are the Whole Earth Festival in May, Oregon Country Fair in July, Cotati Accordion Festival in August, a tour to Portland in June and on my days off, I'll be working on my new recordings... cause, yes, I do agree: my last CD starts to have some prehistoric value considering all the new songs that I'm performing now.  

You'll hear more about it soon!

* * * * *

March 2013 - France and Switzerland...

After 3 days in a row of sweet performances, lots of emotions and lovely people at Le   Bellovidère in Beauvoir, tomorrow I'll take another train to Genève... Bars en Fête, at the Vert Bouteille in Carouge and Voix de Fête with the Boby Posse at the Casino Theater! All infos at

Then back in good old Paris.

* * * * *

February 2013 - Back in The Netherlands...

Where the wind makes your bones shake like ice-cubes, where the language makes your throat rasp like the tongue of a cat but where the cafes make your heart melt like a bar of chocolate forgotten in the bottom of your handbag.

Check out my Dutch tour, passing through very special places all over this flat little country!

* * * * *

The Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar 2013 is there!

You can order a beautiful new year full of accordion-heroes, divas and villains (see shop).

That deserves a party... at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda, Saturday Dec 1 with Amber Lee Baker, Tara Linda, Renee de la Prade. And me.

This sassy mix of Accordion Babes will delight you with their squeezing, serenading and many bellowed antics. Get ready to be transported on a trip around the world with zydeco, tangos, polkas, train songs, shanties, gypsy cabaret and a twist of French rock!


November 3 - Amnesia in San Francisco

Days are getting shorter (and longer at the same time... how mysterious) ... time for an early show! This Saturday at Amnesia at 6PM, for an evening with Allison Lovebird & Mr Lucky and The Icy Hot Jazz of California at the Songbirdfestival. And don't forget the Marsh! Only 2 shows left, Nov 7 (solo) and Nov 14 (which I'm VERY proud to share with Sam Rogers, to celebrate the release of his new album. Book soon, it will be crowded...)

* * * * *

October 3 - Marsh Theater in Berkeley

After another quite busy month full of performances with the «Comprend qui peut» and my solo show in all corners of France, I'm back in California. Still getting up and falling asleep at the weirdest moments of the day but tonight I'll stay up for sure: the first show of a whole run at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley! Every Wednesday at 8PM (not 31) till Nov 14.

* * * * *

Saturday August 25 was the last of the run here at the Fringe... sad to leave, but how great it was to see the French Quarter packed with people standing and sitting on each other's laps to see a glimpse of that final show. Be careful, lovely audience... I might come back ;-) !

* * * * *

Tuesday August 21 at 9 pm (after the show at the Voodoo Rooms, as usual at 6.20 pm) I'll be playing at the new Forest Cafe

And I got a new 4-stars review in Broadway Baby! Check it out on the Press page...

* * * * *  

The festival is going great... I'm having a nice performing space at the French Quarter in the Voodoo Rooms, lovely audiences, and by playing every day I now can dream my songs in my sleep... Today is a day off and tomorrow, Wednesday 15 we'll be recording a couple of songs + interview for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club. Yeehaaa!

* * * * *  
Fringe Festival!
I'll be performing my show Sex 'n' Slugs 'n' Accordion at the Voodoo Rooms (French Quarter) in Edinburgh every day from August 4 till 25 (not 14) at 18.20.
It's freeeeeeeeee!!!!

* * * * *
It's hot in the south of France! OK, that's no news... but it definitely feels very different from Amsterdam and, being busy preparing my shows at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, I realize that it won't last forever. So I'd better enjoy it!  
I'm also doing a show in Barjac, we'll be 6 singer/songwriters on stage and I'm very proud to be part of them. We undo, redo, cover, discover and anti-cover the whole repertoire of Boby Lapointe, singing and playing solos, duets, trios etc (until sextets though, no, we're not able to multiply ourselves yet):  
July 30th at 10 PM
Boby Lapointe repiqué: Comprend qui peut
Stick your nose in your old French schoolbooks and check us out at Chansons de Parole  

* * * * *
Back in Amsterdam!
Wednesday, July 11 at 10:00 PM at Maloe Melo in Amsterdam
Thursday, July 12 at 8:30 PM at De Barones in Amsterdam
Friday, July 13   at 9:30 PM at Cafe Odeon in Alkmaar

* * * * *
Show at the Hippie Gypsy Cafe in Berkeley
Saturday, June 30
7PM at Hippie Gypsy Cafe
1797 -A Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA

* * * * *

Show at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley
Thursday, June 14

It's in The Cabaret and with password accordion you'll get 5$ off... La vie est belle!
Marsh Theater
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

* * * * *
Just back in the Bay Area again! After 3 planes, 2 buses and a car I'm a bit lost in time, but I do know that I should get ready my accordion & myself this weekend, Saturday in Sta Helena and Sunday in Bolinas...

* * * * *