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Jet Black Pearl, World Wild Accordion Diva.

This fabulous accordion diva from the port of Amsterdam has performed on more than a thousand stages all over Europe and the USA West Coast while singing, rapping and beat boxing about slugs in love, criminal gurus and hallucinating butterflies.

Could Nina Hagen and Tom Waits have a secret daughter, born in Caravan Palace, with Björk as a babysitter?

It all started about 25 years ago, when, in the back of a thrift store in Prague, Jetty Swart stumbled upon a fancy accordion. She smuggled it back home, stared at it for a couple of weeks and then realized that now she had to learn how to play it, write songs… and sing them.  

She moved far away from her skeptical Dutch friends and family, and started playing in the streets of New York, whenever she wasn't busy doing her internship at a graphic design studio.   After a couple of months of living a double life, weather and visa started freezing, and she decided to fly to the south of France. There she continued busking in the streets and slowly learned to speak, write and sing her new songs in French.  

The French actually liked her silly songs and her strange accent, they put her on big stages in theaters and festivals, played the music of her band 'Yeti' on the radio and gave her several songwriting awards.    

After 16 years of savoring moldy cheese and obscure wine in France, she met 'The Amazing Bubble Man' and moved with him to Portland, Oregon.   She started singing in English, but kept her strange accent.

She still travels through Europe at least twice a year, always accompanied by her faithful fancy accordion.

A formidable force of music, and truly has to be seen to be believed (Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

The most eccentric and equally the most talented woman you will see in Edinburgh this month (Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

On the west side of the Atlantic, Jet Black Pearl has performed at:
Festivals: Accordion Noir Festival (Vancouver, Canada),   Utah Arts Festival (Salt Lake City),   Moisture Festival (Seattle), Oregon Country Fair, Trails & Vistas (Lake Tahoe), Edwardian Ball (San Francisco), Accordions Around the World (Bryant Park, NYC), Cotati Accordion Festival...  
Many theaters (Portland: Mission Theater, Star Theater, Alberta Rose; Bay Area: the Marsh Theater, Rhythmix Cultural Works...)
Music venues: Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, Cafe du Nord, Amnesia in San Francisco, Dante's in Portland, etc

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