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If you thought the accordion was an instrument played solely by folksy buskers, then brace yourselves. Jet proves that anything goes by tackling pop hits, ballads, rap and sexy songs about slugs in this charmingly insane one-woman show, which will have your feet tapping and your eyes watering. She exhibits extraordinary musical mastery, layering flute, toy-piano, accordion and beat-boxing using a loop-station, one moment producing something haunting and beautiful, the next pulling faces whilst putting her own unique spin on Michael Jackson.   A formidable force of music, and truly has to be seen to be believed.****

Three Weeks Edinburgh Fringe Festival | [Jessamine McHugh]


Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

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Hilarious, engaging, dramatic, energetic, touching and thoroughly original.  

SLO Tribune, CA, USA, 2011

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**** After the ukulele, the loopstation is becoming the most popular gizmo on the fringe, but boy does she know how to use it. Jet Black Pearl creates mesmerising layers of beatboxing, hums, flute, keyboard and of course accordion. If Bjork has grown up in France and not taken herself so seriously she might have ended up a bit like this. At moments she would step away from this mic to allow the looped music to play by itself, then do a little jig. Very very amusing. As the title suggests there is a song about sex and snails, a cover of the prince of pop, and more. All are brilliant. A real treat.  

(Fringe Edinburgh review 2012)

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This is a real gem of a show. Great songs, sublime delivery and engaging banter draw the listener in to this beautifully, surreal at times, highly crafted set. I highly recommend this show and a dose of Jet Black Pearl's energy and wit to lift your spirits or crown a good day at the fringe. Excellent entertainment.... *****  

(Fringe Edinburgh review 2012)

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Super excited, intelligent and original.

Accordéon & accordéonistes (France)

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Such a Fine Performance

Last Saturday at the Bolinas Museum plaza there was a performance by Jet Black Pearl, a comedienne-satirist, an accordion-playing, tri-lingual singer-songwriter, who was smart and provocative in every delightful way.   Though enchanted by her sweetness and blazing musical and dramatic talents, we were all a bit afraid of her comedic acuity, so clearly could she satirize to a cinder whatever caught her attention.   With mouth-to-microphone percussion, a child’s piano and grinding toy (wee and simplified hurdy-gurdy), an electrified mbira (thumb piano from Zimbabwe) and her rather small accordion, she simultaneously acted, sang, recorded and played her astonishingly dramatic, satirical and nutty songs.  

Was there really a sensual song about a hermaphroditic slug?  

With the tap of her toe Jetty recorded brief loops, which she layered with her unrecorded voice, turning herself and her minimal equipment into a cabaret orchestra.   Deftly and strategically she revealed a powerful voice of great range, from angelic whimsical-other-worldly-soprano to resonant depths many octaves below.   Awesome Commedia dell'Arte alto arias and anthems followed pure ethereal beauty of voice or hair-raising animal howls. Each song a drama full of dry wit and flamboyant characters she personified her cast of characters with apparently effortless timing and ease, finding in herself the power, sweetness, abandon or drunken braying to portray each vivid and ludicrous scene.   A woman with feathers on her toes enamoring a man with butterflies for hands?   A blues meditation by Sarah the subway rat who fell in love with the train engineer?   Didn’t she go stark raving and full-voice-shrieking-mad in the musique realistique, the sadly true song about the accordionist who became a cashier?   Was one character not plotting to poison her guru?   Did Jet not become reeling drunk before our eyes?  

Fluent in French, English and Dutch, her lyrics spun so fast one scarcely could follow the double-entendres, scandalous and scandalized hints and plot twists even in one’s native tongue.   Astutely sketching and embodying passions and delusions with a restless cascade of shifting moods and personas, she conjured stories in musical paintings and gave them voice.

Maile Johnson -   HEARSAY NEWS - Bolinas CA, USA - 2011